[Zope] Weird hangs on zope/plone.

Samuel Abreu de Paula samuel at debian-ce.org
Tue Oct 9 09:32:58 EDT 2007

Hi, i recently installed a plone site, but its acting weird!

All start 2 weeks ago when i set this new site in production, on
wednesday, and in thursday at beggining of the morning the instance
just stop response.

I restart the service, reboot the system and nothing bring back the
instance, but suddenly back to normal. This happen on friday too, i
find something about the livesearch_reply (some stuff from plone) that
maybe its the cause of the problem, i "fix it" and the problem dont
ocurr on weekend, but the same thing happened on monday, tuesday and
wednesday again!

I set the number of threads:
    zserver-threads 25
I set:
    pool-size 27
on <zodb_db main>

and the problem was gone from last wednesday untill today, this
morning the problem back, i search my entire logs for something that
could help but i cant find nothing...

The weirdest thing is yesterday i setup a second machine, with
identical OS and zope/python version, and run the same site, for
change machine purpose, but this morning both of machine was lock, i
cant access zope in any of them. I look for any kind of cron job or
something like that on operating system (RHEL 5) and didn't find

Anyone have any idea where is the problem? Theres something like cron
jobs inside zope/plone itself?

How can i run some kind of debug on zope (debug-mode on dont log
anything more) to check this next time happen?

Thanks for the attention.

Some info:

Plone 2.5.1

# Zope version: (Zope 2.9.8-final, python 2.4.3, linux2)
# Python version: 2.4.3 (#1, Dec 11 2006, 11:38:52) [GCC 4.1.1
20061130 (Red Hat 4.1.1-43)]
# System Platform: linux2
# SOFTWARE_HOME: /opt/zope/zope-2.9.8/lib/python
# INSTANCE_HOME: /opt/zope/portal
# CLIENT_HOME: /opt/zope/portal/var
# Process ID: 3570 (-1223578736)
# Running for: 44 min 36 sec
# sys.path:

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