[Zope] Re: finding which request dragged all the objects into memory

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Oct 11 13:11:09 EDT 2007

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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Anyone found any good logging methods or other strategies for 
>> determining which request dragged all the object in the zodb into memory?
> I haven't used it this way, but the ActivityMonitor attached to the
> database keeps track of statistics which could be useful:
> 'db.getActivityMonitor().log' is the time-series (per request) which is
> used to generate the data for the "Activity" tab on the Control_Panel,
> via its 'getActivityAnalysis' method.
> However, that data doesn't record anything about the request except the
> "end time".  You could also use the connection's 'getTransferCounts'
> method, which returns the number of loads and stores done on the jar.
> You might be able to get away with hacking in some extra records into
> the trace log with this data, e.g.:
>   loads_before, stores_before = connection.getTransferCounts()
>   # do the reqeust
>   loads_after, stores_after = connection.getTransferCounts()
>   from ZServer.DebugLogger import log
>   log('L', id(request), loads_after - loads_before)
>   log('S', id(request), loads_after - stores_before)
> You might need to monkeypatch Zope2.bobo_before and Zope2.bobo_after to
> get this hooked in right.

It was a little tricker than that, but I have a working version available:


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