[Zope] Re: deprecated products? >> 2 more... +rant

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at nomadics.org
Wed Oct 17 05:17:36 EDT 2007

both very nice, useful  & work with 2.9.x, 2.10.x
Zope.org is a scary sad stupid mess, BUT yes it's also full of useful stuff
But oh boy its some tlc and some web2.0 commonsense interface friendliness

Like add a form so people can flag and comment notes and version 
goodness and trouble
METADATA for fucksakes..
Then one could actually sort and search for products in more useful, 
less time consuming random way.
But then it would'nt be zope if you did'nt need hope right

Things that would be really useful to know:

list/sort/search products by
-- "last date product was updated"
[then you could narrow to only within 1 year . If no good or some 
special need, widen the timerange.]

-- "number of downloads" << this could be very useful indicator of 
aliviness or currrent validity

-- "abandonned" << lots of products say that they are discontinued. Good 
to know.
But if only that info were stored as metadata flag [with date of 
announcment], imagine ow uch easier it would be.
-- "Plone dependencies"  == packages needing some version of plone
-- "Zope 3 dependencies" == products using Zope 3
-- "now hosted elseware" -- many are mainatained elsewere with newer 
versions etc
-- "dead link" << WHY is it so hard for noble prize winning dynamic Zope 
to track a dead url, and save one all that extra hassle ???


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