[Zope] trying to implement server side xsl transform

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Wed Oct 24 23:35:08 EDT 2007

--On 24. Oktober 2007 17:01:35 -0400 Thomas Bennett 
<bennetttm at appstate.edu> wrote:

> Zope Version 	(Zope 2.10.3-final, python 2.4.3, linux2)
> using zeo storage
> I am trying to implement a server side XSL Transform with the
> tools I have installed.   I have 4suite, libxml2,  and  libxsl.   The
> all of the files are dtml documents.
> Listing 1 below works on the command line and writes an html
> file named 'foo' to the file system. So I added a def, a parameter
> to receive, and indent Listing 1 appropriately to run as an External
> Method.  I also found, from this list in September 2006, an almost
> identical External Method using parseDoc instead of parseFile,
> and SaveToString instead of SaveToFile, see Listing 2 and the
> traceback that follows it.

This it basically offtopic and unrelated to Zope. First get this fixed on 
the  Python level - then move your code to Zope.

>   All combinations and attempts to use an External Method result in
> either parseDoc or parseFile failing.  Also, the Zope server will not
> respond to WEB clients for as long as it is trying to process the
> External Method and Apache times out in about 100 seconds  with a
> Proxy error and I usually have to restart the Zope server to get
> access back to it through a WEB client although ps doesn't show
> any unusual processor or memory usage.

Keep in mind that Zope works by default with 4  worker threads. If they are 
blocked with long-running processes than other requests will be queued and
their execution delayed until the next thread has finished this work.


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