[Zope] Re: storing python objects

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 26 04:24:13 EDT 2007

David Bear wrote:
> I need to run an external method to use some python functions that are
> restricted within zope. I'm thinking an easy way to get the data back
> would be to just store basic python objects within zodb; tupples,
> lists, dictionaries.
> but I've never seen this documented anywhere. Is it possible to store
> basic python objects directly in zodb? AND then use a zpt to read the
> data?
> I'm thinking a simple thing would be to create an external method that
> returns a dictionary.
> Then I could have script call the method, and stored the dictionary on
> zodb.
> Then have a zpt publish the dictionary.
> Is this even easily possible, or are there alternatives to doing
> something similar?

Google for 'PersistentList' and/or 'PersistentMapping'


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