[Zope] backup full instances

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Fri Oct 26 11:01:27 EDT 2007

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Subject: [Zope] backup full instances

> Hello,
> We have several different zope instances running on our servers, and
> currently the only backup we do is a daily copy of the Data.fs.
> The main problem with this backup approach is, that the zope instance is
> not stopped for the backup at all, thus the Data.fs might not be up to
> date.
> Is it safe in general to copy Data.fs while the instance is running? Or
> might I end up with a broken Data.fs, which zope is not able to read at
> all?
> And which other ways to you know to backup an entire instance? Maybe
> sync it with ZEO to another server in realtime? Or use some export
> method?

Have a look at:



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