[Zope] backup full instances

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Sat Oct 27 10:29:18 EDT 2007

On 26/10/2007 Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Is it safe in general to copy Data.fs while the instance is running? Or
>> might I end up with a broken Data.fs, which zope is not able to read at
>> all?
> If you create a local copy, it is safe. If you rsync a running Data.fs, it 
> is not safe. In this case you create a local copy and rsync the copy.

what's the difference between local copy and rsync except for the time
it takes?
but if rsync is unsafe only because it takes long time, and changes on the
instance during the copy process could cause a corrupted Data.fs to be
backuped, then theoretically this could happen for a local copy as
well, right? only that the probability would be far smaller.

> For incremental backups: check the repozo.py script.

That one look interesting. thanks for the hint!

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