[Zope] folder like shortcut / symlink / pointer / urlredirect

Ben Bartrum bba at inbox.com
Wed Oct 31 12:21:01 EDT 2007


The DTML code below populates a large menu with folders and their descriptions, however one of the items in the menu should now point to a URL on a different server.  I can change the code - for example make it ordinary HTML, or add the new URL above or below, but I want to know if it is possible to make a folder-like object that points to the new URL, and will work with no change to the code below:

Choose an option:
<dtml-in "services.objectValues('Folder')" skip_unauthorized="1" sort="menuorder">
        <dtml-if "_.int(showhide)==1">
                <div class="bulletList">
                        <strong><a href="<dtml-var absolute_url>/index.html"><dtml-var title></a></strong>
                        <dtml-if "description!=None and description!=''">
                                <br />
                                <dtml-var description>


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