[Zope] Best Practice for including Javascript in Zope Applications

Matt Hollingsworth mr.hworth at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 19:20:27 EST 2008



I'm new to developing for zope, and I have a quick question regarding some
best practices when using Javascript in zope applications.


I would like to use Ext JS (http://www.extjs.com/ ) in an application that I
am writing.  It is a fairly extensive library, so I didn't really want to
copy/paste every single file into a dtml method.  I looked all over the
place for some discussion on this subject, but only found things relating to
plone (which apparently has a javascript registry); however, I wish to stay
away from plone for this particular application. 


What should I do to use these libraries?  Is there a canned solution for
this sort of thing?


Thank you much!



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