[Zope] Re: Best Practice for including Javascript in Zope Applications

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Wed Jan 2 01:10:39 EST 2008

Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Larger JS frameworks like Dojo tend to be split across several files and
>> directories. The fun starts when such frameworks load/reload stuff
>> using relative URLs. A co-worker using Dojo intensively had to invest
>> some time in order to integrate such a JS monster properly. As far as I
>> remember Extjs also uses multiple files (but not as much as Dojo
>> does)..so please check in advance.
> Another point: consider using CMF and putting your library files into a
> directory system view on the filesystem. This makes your life much easier.

Or just upload via WEBDAV.
One of the biggest advantages of Zope is the isolation from physical
file system.


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