[Zope] Ask for collaboration

Garito garito at sistes.net
Thu Jan 3 04:59:53 EST 2008

I plan to create a product I call Zope Smart Manager that consist in a view
similar to freemind for Zope
You could see a picture of my prototype here:

The idea is create a series of monkey patches to all the products we are
interested to see as tree nodes and a series of javascript (prototype +
scriptaculous) for the "client side"

I plan this ZSM view will be my main work view with edition and creation

For that I need some help about how to create the simplest monkey patch and
the javascript objects

I have no experience with monkey patching zope nor javascript object but
I'll learn all the necessary skills if no one wants to help

Can you help me at any point?


Mis Cosas
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