[Zope] Defining a Variable

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Jan 5 14:11:47 EST 2008

Victor Subervi wrote at 2008-1-4 10:59 -0400:
>Thank you both. However, it still doesn't work :( I have replaced "getQuote"
>with "getQuote()", but to no avail. Other ideas?
>*Error Type: RuntimeError
>Error Value: external method could not be called because it is None*

You see here how important it is to always provide full problem
description. Usually, beside "Error Type" and "Error Value" the
traceback, too, is very important.

The error information above tells you that your problem is
not the "?num" but your "External Method".

Unfortunately, the information is not very precise.
You need the following background information:

    When an "External Method" cannot be loaded (e.g. because
    its source is not found), then it is represented as "None".

You get more information, when you visit the "External Method"
in the ZMI and press "edit".


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