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Mon Jan 7 10:04:30 EST 2008

--On 8. Januar 2008 01:49:21 +1100 Andrew Milton <akm at theinternet.com.au> 

> +-------[ Andreas Jung ]----------------------
>| This issue is a configuration and not an application issue. So it
>| basically does not belong into Zope.
> That's a pretty narrow view in my opinion. We nearly all already display
> different content to different classes of user, I fail to see how
> grouping  those users by IP address is really any different.

Narrow or not..it does not belong into directly in Zope in my opinion. If 
you were using Plone for example as CMS, you could create your PAS plugin 
providing dedicated roles for different IP ranges (or something similar) 
and control the visibility of content through the standard Zope security by 
granting View permission (and others) to the related roles.

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