[Zope] Re: Intercept request

Josef Meile jmeile at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 10:09:22 EST 2008

> BTW - I'm using ZPT, not DTML. I'm guessing I can do this with a
> simple script that I include on every page, yes? That could work, but
> seems a bit error prone - that's why I'm looking for some sort of
> request hook. But maybe that's my best option within Zope. Thoughts?
I guess if you want to do this easily inside zope, then a script is the
way to go. Somebody already posted a dtml solution; however, I think it
is better you put it in a python script that will be called from your
standard_header file, which can be either a dtml method or a page

A request hook will require you to patch zope, write a monkey patch, or
some kind of UserFolder based on ip addresses, which means to directly
modify zope's code or create an external product. The invested time on
doing this isn't worth, when you can do it easier and in less time, with
either a script or by modifying your proxy's configuration.

I think it would be better to let your proxy do this. This isn't really
hard with nginx:


Anyway, if you don't have access to the maschine hosting your zope, then
you should try the script solution.

Best regards

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