[Zope] Intercept request

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Jan 7 13:27:50 EST 2008

Andreas Jung wrote at 2008-1-7 16:04 +0100:
> ....
>Narrow or not..it does not belong into directly in Zope in my opinion. If 
>you were using Plone for example as CMS, you could create your PAS plugin 
>providing dedicated roles for different IP ranges (or something similar) 
>and control the visibility of content through the standard Zope security by 
>granting View permission (and others) to the related roles.

And this solution is possible in Zope, too (after "PluggableAuthService")
has been installed).

And of course, this solution is in Zope (and not the web server
or the firewall).


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