[Zope] Re: Intercept request

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Jan 7 13:29:26 EST 2008

Raphael Ritz wrote at 2008-1-7 16:16 +0100:
>David Chelimsky wrote:
>> BTW - I'm using ZPT, not DTML. I'm guessing I can do this with a
>> simple script that I include on every page, yes? That could work, but
>> seems a bit error prone - that's why I'm looking for some sort of
>> request hook. But maybe that's my best option within Zope. Thoughts?
>Are you saying you want an access rule?

When "SiteAccess AccessRules" are used for security critical demands
then one has to keep in mind that they can be disabled via special
segments in the url.

In such a case, I would remove the code that makes this possible.


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