[Zope] Using md5 with allow_module

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Jan 8 17:14:35 EST 2008

Running Clam wrote at 2008-1-7 21:10 +0000:
>I have a need to generate an md5 hash for an XML fragment generated by
>TTW Zope code.
>I thought I could do this with "allow_module" - I have a
>pseudo-product with an __init_,py that contains: -
># Global module assertions for Python scripts
>from Products.PythonScripts.Utility import allow_module

An "allow_module" allows import of the module and all its content.

It does not in general allow to use the objects inside the module.
For example, to use class instances for classes defined in the module,
the class must provide its own security declarations which control
in what way the instances can be used.

In your case, the module contains special types.
You need an "allow_type" for each of these types to be able to
use them.


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