[Zope] Zope Smart Manager

Garito garito at sistes.net
Thu Jan 10 06:22:34 EST 2008

I have subscribed to this list for some years
In this time I make some questions to this list that sounds weird for
a part of you

Perhaps my english is poor, perhaps my ideas are weird but doesn't matter

If the question is that my english is poor perhaps some code will be
more clear that my words, I don't know

Now it's time to code

I would like to introduce you Zope Smart Manager, perhaps it speaks
better than me

Please feel free to check this silly idea at: http://code.google.com/p/zsm/
Note that this is a very, very early stage of the project but I would
like to show you the way I see your beautifull and amazing work

Please feel free to contribute as deep as you like but give a chance
to it (perhaps you could understand my point of view better and we
could understand us better too)

I will appreciate your visions and your opinions

I love Zope's simplicity but I aspire to do go deeper in this way: simplicity

Sorry for this days of misunderstud and thanks a lot for your help
(even when I was think you could help me more ;) )

Mis Cosas

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