[Zope] Zope ZMI Templates

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Thu Jan 17 03:30:39 EST 2008

Hi Tim,

Tim Nash wrote:
> The other important difference between ajax loaded pages and iframes
> is that when you click on a link within an iframe page, the returned
> page is loaded into the same iframe.
> If I am not being clear, please check out this png file.
> <a href="http://medicinebrain.com/iframe.png">
> http://medicinebrain.com/iframe.png
> </a>
> In this png I did a search for DML Docs within a tab panel and the
> search results are loaded into the same tab.
> BTW, I would like to simplify the zmi even more for my users. I want
> to hide various tabs (eg. security, find, etc) and I want to restrict
> the number of products they are shown in the drop down box for adding
> to a folder.
> However, I still want to offer complete zmi functionality to the
> overall administrator.
> I can probably hide the security tabs using css (the overall admin
> won't load the css sheet) but how can I control the products displayed
> to a user in the folder view of the zmi?

You can either sub-class if you want to explicitely specify the products
you want an objectmanagerish class to add - this would also nicely solve
all your ZMI "problems" since you could just skin your new pages as you
want. Or for the easy way have a look at the Security Tab, specifically
at the "Add FooBar..." stuff there.


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