[Zope] Re: suddenly confused

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Jan 19 13:39:02 EST 2008

Tres Seaver wrote at 2008-1-18 21:06 -0500:
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>David Bear wrote:
>> I'm doing my first zeo setup, and suddenly I'm not sure about my
>> products directory. Do I put all products in a products directory of
>> the zeo server or in each zope instance?
>Normally the ZEO server doesn't need to have access to the products,
>which are "application code".  The only exception is for products which
>define classes having application-level conflict resolution:  in such
>cases, the ZEO server must be able to import the product (or else the
>conflict resolution code is not consulted).

As an additional note:

  Zope uses Python import magic to make packages available
  in "INSTANCE_HOME/Products" as additional products in
  the "Products" package.

  If some of these products need application specific conflict
  resolution, the ZEO server needs to activate this
  import magic -- by importing Zope's "App.FindHomes".


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