[Zope] Counting threads

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Tue Jan 22 17:33:17 EST 2008

On 22/01/2008, Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> wrote:
> Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2008-1-22 15:23 +0000:
> >Perhaps I'm wrong but I suspect that a Zope I'm running is dying because
> >of running out of threads.
> This is very unlikely. It may no longer respond when all its threads
> are working -- but it will not die for this reason.
By dying I don't mean crashing and stopping but instead staying up and
running but not responding to anything. Like a coma.

> Zope uses a worker thread pool (of size 4, by default),
> allocated quite early.
> It does not create further threads. It is therefore very unlikely
> that it hits a thread limit.
I'm just not certain if it's this. It seems highly related to MS SQL
connections but I could be wrong. The strange thing is, restarting the
MS SQL server might be (we're not certain) a solution to get Zope
responding again.

My theory was that the threads get too attached to a network service
that doesn't time out or raise an error.

Sadly I can't reproduce it but the next time it happens I'll look at
both DeadlockDebugger and the Control_Panel Debug info if there are
any clues there.

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