[Zope] Package recommendations (?) for minimal ZCA environment

sean.upton at uniontrib.com sean.upton at uniontrib.com
Mon Jan 28 13:49:23 EST 2008


I figured I would survey this list for recommendations of zope packages
that have minimal dependencies -- specifically for non-web, non-ZODB ZCA
applications.  My criteria for this minimal environment:

1. No ZCML, ZODB, or zope.app.* dependencies.
2. Egg available in cheeseshop; svn is okay too (e.g.
zope.cachedescriptors trunk does not require ZODB; PYPI egg does at the
moment).  I will use zc.buildout and virtualenv for deployment
3. Not specifically targeted at web applications only.

Currently, I'm using zope.component, zope.interface, zope.schema,
zope.datetime, zope.event, and a related but small set of dependencies
installed from PYPI.

Background: I'm working on a set of components for working with
mass-media content that are to be generically useful across multiple
environments, application frameworks (web and non-web), etc.  The core
of these components depends on some zope 3 libraries, but my goal is to
keep dependencies to a minimum.  

A superset of this minimum framework would be used to deploy components
to specific application environments including basic automation scripts
to move content from one system to another, middleware applications
exposing these components over XML-RPC, web applications in Z3, Django,
and Plone/Z2.

Any recommendations appreciated.  Maybe compiling a list like this is
helpful for the community to reach out to non-Zope python developers too
-- makes the technology more approachable.


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