[Zope] Re: [buildout] bootstrap and develop

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Tue Jan 29 06:27:17 EST 2008

Janko Hauser, on 2008-01-27:
> Hello, I'm using the infrae.subversion recipe to collect various  
> Products and packages from our subversion. The main goal here is, to  
> not use svn:externals. But the buildout directive "develop=src/..."  
> seems to have the requirement, that the packages are already present  
> if bootstrap.py is called. So it is not possible to place packages  
> there with buildout and get them picked up.
> 1. Is this correct? I searched and found others have the same problem.

I see the same problem.

> 2. What would be alternatives or how can this be changed?

You can use the z3c.recipe.egg:editable recipe.  I briefly tried that,
but it did not work for our (Zest Software) internal password
protected subversion repository, where we keep the code for our
clients.  The recipe tries to easy_install a package but it fails as
it cannot use our repository without a password.

In all other cases it should work though.  I thought there was another
problem that I saw with it.  Ah yes, it throws errors when buildout is
used in non-newest or in offline mode.  I suspect this can be fixed,
but I never reported it.  Feel free to do so.

Anyway, the following worked last time I tried it:

recipe = z3c.recipe.egg:editable 
find-links =  
eggs = 
build-directory = src 
develop = true 

And then of course mention this section in buildout[parts] and add
{xm-development}:eggs to [instance]eggs and perhaps [instance]zcml or
wherever else you need them.

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