[Zope] Cant access 'real' root folder in ZMI

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Tue Jan 29 22:07:47 EST 2008


I recently installed plone 3 on a RHEL 5 server and did some mucking around to get apache working with it. I mostly followed the 'apache-with-plone' tutotial on plone.org to do this. The way it is currently set is as follows:

-  Plone and zope installed on my server ( eg serverA or running on port 8080
-  DNS set to point www.me.com to serverA
-  Apache set to ProxyPass requests from "me.com:80" to "localhost:8080" (I followed the turtorial mentioned above)
-  My Plone site accessable from either serverA:8080 or www.me.com

However, both these methods lead me straight to the plone website, not to the "Zope Quick Start" page and while i can access the ZMI from plone, serverA:8080/manage or www.me.com/managae, the root folder shown there is the plone site's root folder.

Even when i stop apache and access through servera:8080 i still get the plone site.

I need access to the 'real' root folder, ie the one with "Control_panel", to set some user roles and permissions, but i cant find a way. 

I think i must have changed a setting while trying to get apache going, but cant remember what I did and I cant seem to find anything solving this problem on the internet. Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this problem.

Thanks Heaps,


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