[Zope] Re: suddenly confused

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jan 30 13:42:51 EST 2008

Ricardo Newbery wrote at 2008-1-29 01:19 -0800:
> ...
>Apologies for jumping late in this thread but how precisely should  
>"App.FindHomes" be imported?

Someone else reported about a ZEO patch that does the same thing
without a need to import "App.FindHomes".

If you have Zope installed and ZEO is running
in the Zope installation (shares its code), then "import App.FindHomes"
in sufficient to import "App.FindHomes".

>And a related question.  Any suggestions on how to support multiple  
>product directories like a non-zeo config?  I checked already and  
>zeo.conf doesn't appear to support the "products" directive.

"App.FindHomes" can be controlled via the envvar "PRODUCTS_PATH".
If defined, it is a "pathsep" separated sequence of directories
where Zope should look for products.
It may contain "%(XXXX)s" patterns with "XXXX" from
In these cases, the pattern is replaced by the corresponding path.


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