[Zope] Cant access 'real' root folder in ZMI

Sascha Welter zopelist at betabug.ch
Thu Jan 31 06:15:24 EST 2008

(Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 02:07:47PM +1100) u4302283 at anu.edu.au wrote/schrieb/egrapse:
> I recently installed plone 3 on a RHEL 5 server and did some
> mucking around to get apache working with it. I mostly followed the
> 'apache-with-plone' tutotial on plone.org to do this. The way it is
> currently set is as follows:

Please follow the information on
and then get your rewrite rule from http://betabug.ch/zope/witch

> - Apache set to ProxyPass requests from "me.com:80" to "localhost:8080" (I followed the turtorial mentioned above)

Nobody really uses ProxyPass any more nowadays. apache's RewriteRules
are just more flexible. That tutorial is outdated in this respect.

> However, both these methods lead me straight to the plone website, not
> to the "Zope Quick Start" page and while i can access the ZMI from
> plone, serverA:8080/manage or www.me.com/managae, the root folder
> shown there is the plone site's root folder.
> Even when i stop apache and access through servera:8080 i still get
> the plone site.

My guess: You probably mucked around with the "Mappings" tab in the
Virtual Host Monster. Bad idea. The VHM is to be left alone, any
Mappings should be set up using RewriteRule in the apache config.

I don't know how you can un-muck this situation in the VHM. Deleting the
VHM (e.g. through ftp or webdav) will likely not change anything, but
maybe give it a try after a good backup of the Data.fs. Maybe there is a
secret request variable to suppress the VHM mapping? But I don't know

> I need access to the 'real' root folder, ie the one with
> "Control_panel", to set some user roles and permissions, but i cant
> find a way.
> I think i must have changed a setting while trying to get apache
> going, but cant remember what I did and I cant seem to find anything
> solving this problem on the internet. Can anyone point me in the right
> direction to solve this problem.

If accessing Zope through port 8080 shows the same problem, it's
unlikely a problem in the apache config.



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