[Zope] Managing Zope objects in Subversion

martin.gfeller at comit.ch martin.gfeller at comit.ch
Sun Mar 2 08:17:31 EST 2008

Dear all

We use Zope for the  user interface part of our software product. 
We currently export the whole folder hierarchy into a .zexp file and
maintain this file in Subversion. 

I'm looking for a way to manage a folder structure as individual 
Zope objects in Subversion. 

In fact, maintaining the Zope objects in the file system would suffice,
there is no need to edit them with external editors or to be able
to use Subversion from within Zope (we use TurtoiseSVN).

We're using:
- Zope 2.10
- Windows
- DTML (yes) Documents and Methods; lots of external methods; some
  and a low number of various other Zope objects. 
- Zope Objects and particularly Folders have security settings using
custom roles

I've browsed/googled and looked into books, and found a few products 
and hints, but most of them seem to be very outdated or not applicable 
to a Windows environment.

Hence I would be very grateful for hints about the "state-of-the-art" 
way to achieve this.

Thank you and best regards


COMIT AG - A Swisscom Company
Martin Gfeller, Senior Manager
Risk Management - Quantax
Pflanzschulstrasse 7 
CH-8004 Zurich

mailto:martin.gfeller at comit.ch	
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