[Zope] Managing Zope objects in Subversion

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Mar 2 16:01:00 EST 2008

martin.gfeller at comit.ch wrote at 2008-3-2 14:17 +0100:
>We use Zope for the  user interface part of our software product. 
>We currently export the whole folder hierarchy into a .zexp file and
>maintain this file in Subversion. 
>I'm looking for a way to manage a folder structure as individual 
>Zope objects in Subversion. 

When I remember right, Tres has a product that allows to
dump and restore standard Zope objects to/from the file system.
I forgot its name but you should be able to find it via
your favorite search engine.


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