[Zope] ERROR Zope.ZCatalog reindexIndex could not resolve an object from the uid

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Mar 3 13:11:22 EST 2008

Manuel Vazquez Acosta wrote at 2008-3-2 19:24 -0500:
>I'm facing some trouble with a Plone Site. When trying to insert a new 
>page I get an error complaining about some lost uid.
>I have tryied clearing uid_catalog's indexes: UID, id, and Title. Then I 
>reindex those indexes, and in the event.log I got several errors:
>ERROR Zope.ZCatalog reindexIndex could not resolve an object from the 
>uid '/path/to/the/object'
>Does anyone knows how to troubleshoot this?

First, you check whether "path/to/the/object" really is a path
to an existing object. Maybe, the object was deleted and your
object has not correctly synchronized with the catalog on deletion.

Another potential reason could be:

  For historical reasons, a ZCatalog can use either physical paths
  or request/url based resolution.
  The latter is not safe when used with virtual hosting.
  Should you use the old way, then you might now use a different
  virtual host than when the object was indexed.

When you want to recover from the error (without understanding where
the problem comes from), you could use the "Update catalog" from
the "Advanced" tab. It will uncatalog any object that cannot be resolved.
Alternatively, you can uncatalog the problematic object explicitly.


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