[Zope] ERROR Zope.ZCatalog reindexIndex could not resolve an object from the uid

Manuel Vazquez Acosta mva.led at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 18:39:29 EST 2008

> First, you check whether "path/to/the/object" really is a path
> to an existing object. Maybe, the object was deleted and your
> object has not correctly synchronized with the catalog on deletion.

Checked. They were gone.

> Another potential reason could be:
>   For historical reasons, a ZCatalog can use either physical paths
>   or request/url based resolution.
>   The latter is not safe when used with virtual hosting.
>   Should you use the old way, then you might now use a different
>   virtual host than when the object was indexed.

I think it using physical paths. In the error there are no traces of 
VHM. Although the site is doing with both Apache and Squid.

> When you want to recover from the error (without understanding where
> the problem comes from), you could use the "Update catalog" from
> the "Advanced" tab. It will uncatalog any object that cannot be resolved.
> Alternatively, you can uncatalog the problematic object explicitly.

Well, after writing the post, I cleared every index and rebuild them. I 
didn't know I could Update it.

Clearing + Reindexing worked.

Somehow this "lost" object was affecting Plone's portal_factory: I could 
not create any new document of the folder that should have the lost object.


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