[Zope] Re: repozo, pack and backups

Miles miles at jamkit.com
Wed Mar 5 07:20:44 EST 2008


>> I've googled around to confirm that packing means a full backup.  Is 
>> there any way to carry out incremental backups and then pack the 
>> database, without carrying out a full backup each time - for example, 
>> can I continue to get nightly incremental backups if I pack nightly 
>> but retain the last 2 days' transaction history?
>> (I transfer the increments to a backup server, and then rebuild the 
>> database, then take a nightly snapshot to tape, so I really don't need 
>> a full backup)
>> I have an inkling this is not possible, but would be useful to confirm...
> You're right, this is not possible. The only way to prevent full backups 
> is to never pack the database.

Thanks for confirming.  One other question which I don't know enough 
zodb voodoo to answer:

Say I record the transaction ID of the last transaction to be backed up 
each night, pack the database, then with my next backup, only back up 
transactions with an ID above that.  Is there any reason why this 
wouldn't work as a strategy?

Not sure I really want to be responsible for a completely custom backup 
strategy, but I would like to know a bit more...



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