[Zope] getting the keys:values in a propertyItems() object

Kamal Hamzat hamzat at dnetsystems.net
Thu Mar 6 19:07:02 EST 2008

Hi,I have this lines of dtml methods.<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('xx', _.getitem('080211'))"><dtml-var "xx.propertyItems()">Which rendered these Keys:Values below[('title', "The man Wants Refinery For Living"), ('lastEditDate', DateTime('2008/02/11 11:49:26.254 US/Eastern')), ('EpozDocumentTemplate', ''), ('author', 'By Chesal Chesal'), ('summary', "He has directed that further investment in private refineries be targeted at the axis which consumes 15 million litres of fuel per day, more than half the country's total.")]
Please, how do I extract each key with its corresponding value. For example title : The man Wants Refinery For Living.Thankskamal
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