[Zope] Re: Index Problem - Index randomly breaks/changes

Ryan Smith rsmith985 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 08:12:49 EST 2008

> My output was using a KeywordIndex, with 'and' as the operator.
> I noted when reading your earlier description that your code was testing
> the value of the 'getAccess' entry in the *metadata*, not in the index:
> in fact, you don't need an index at all to do the filtering in that
> code. Can you check on the "Catalog" tab that the metadata for your
> indexed objects has the correct 'getAccess' values?

To answer your question.  For something lets say fileab (which should
have 'alpha' and 'beta'):
If the index is correct: I went to catalog, then clicked fileab, then
checked the getAccess key and it was correct, ['alpha', 'beta', ''].
If the index is wrong: Doing the same the the getAccess key is wrong, ['beta'].
I realized something this morning.  The bug is only reproducable, if
there are concurrent connections.  Someone else mentioned that
concurrent connections resulted in wrong catalog entries.  At first I
thought this wasn't always the case for me, but it is.

If I log in as an admin and I continuously refresh the catalog, it
looks like it will always be correct.

If, though, I open a second browser and log in as a normal user, I am
able to cause the problem to happen fairly often by updating the

- Ryan

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