[Zope] Re: Index Problem - Index randomly breaks/changes

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Mar 7 12:12:11 EST 2008

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Ryan Smith wrote:
> Tres - I am 98% sure I found the source of my problem.  I thought I
> was getting a copy of something back, when really I was getting a
> pointer to it.  So I was changing the catalog.   I am still slightly
> confused as to how it fixed itself (probably was due to data being
> cached).
> In my code I have -
>            reqAccesses = results[index].getAccess
>        for access in usrAccesses :
>            if access in reqAccesses :
>                 reqAccesses.remove(access)
> I am getting a reference though, so when I do remove() I am changing
> the actual catalog values.
> It looks like it is fixed by doing
> reqAccesses = results[index].getAccess.copy()
> I would like to thank you though for helping me deal with my
> stupidity.  This one was really stumping me since it seemed as though
> my code wasn't always involved.

Ah, I missed that you were mutating the list:  copying it means that you
leave the original untouched.  Glad that works for you!

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