[Zope] Index Problem - Index randomly breaks/changes

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Mar 9 14:07:52 EDT 2008

Ryan Smith wrote at 2008-3-6 10:18 -0500:
>Posted this to the Plone Mailing-list, but this is more of a problem I
>am having with Zope.  There will be additional information here -
> ...
>I noticed something interesting in my debugging window.
>All rebuilds that resulted in a correct index had this -
>DEBUG txn.-1223402608 commit <Connection at 0b5a01ec>
>All rebuilds that resulted in an incorrect index had this -
>DEBUG txn.-1244382320 commit <Connection at 0965020c>

Behaviour like this can easily happen when mutable objects
(such as lists) are directly modified without that the containing
persistent object is informed about the change.

In this case, the modification is made in place but the change
may not be persisted. This means, the change is visible (for some time)
in the connection that made the change but other connections cannot
see them.

The change may finally either be persisted (when the changing connection
modifies the containing persistent object for some unrelated reason)
or be lost (when the object is flushed from the ZODB cache before
the above mentioned thing happened).


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