[Zope] RedHat blows up? (another post follow up)

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Fri Mar 14 13:03:58 EDT 2008

Concerning the post from FuBuJo <siteartisan at gmail.com> about Zope Zeo with 
reference to RedHat blowing up with Zope.  

I've been running Zope on RedHat and RedHat based OSs since 1999, always on 
Dells, and only found an issue with RedHat 8.0 when it came out (before RHEL 
existed) and the issue was due to the change in threading on the RedHat 
distro bu there was a fix for Zope in Zope's configuration.  After RedHat 7.3 
I started using Fedora until last year when false CPU hardware errors kept 
crashing the server.  Had to move to CentOS (RedHat based) because at that 
time Dell only supported RedHat, CentOS and Suse.  No errors after installing 
CentOS using Apache, Zeo, and Zope.  Now I am making arrangements to move 
back to RedHat with RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and I am curious/concerned to 
what issues you experienced with RedHat.

From original post:
"The equipment is high end DELLs (well as of 3 years ago) - all running 
FreeBSD (we tried Red Hat but it blows up - but thats another post)."


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