[Zope] Re: RedHat blows up? (another post follow up)

FuBuJo siteartisan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 15:38:12 EDT 2008

Sorry I haven't been handling the system administration (I just 'code' the
pages), and truthfully we tried it for about 3 weeks - and now are switching
back.  But certainly that isn't enough time to really root cause determine
anything definitive.

The behavior we found is that the python process running as the "Zeo Client"
eventually takes up a large amount of resident memory (1.5 Gig or so), load
average gets high (1.5 or so), and the end users start experiencing a very
'slow' experience. Even when traffic is removed from the box - you still get a
large response time (>10s).  This is Linux kernel 2.6.18-8.el5xen.

This is actually the issue we are having on FreeBSD (version 5.3) but the
resident memory and load remains 1/2 of the above - and when traffic is removed
from the box - you can then get a reasonable response (< 10s).

I know it's not very scientific.  We have a 'support agreement' with RH, so we
are heading that way.  But because the existing ZEO Server runs FreeBSD - and we
are having performance issues, we figured to put everything back to the same OS
while we try to figure out the performance part.

When we investigate migrating from FreeBSD to RH for "real" - I'll certainly
update this list if any of our findings would be of interest to anyone else.

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