[Zope] zip files corrupted with IE when opened, fine when downloaded

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Mar 18 10:43:38 EDT 2008

robert rottermann wrote:
> Hi there,
> when users using IE want to open a zip file from the intranet by using
> the "open" option from the download dialog they get winzip complaining
> that the file is corrupted.
> if they select "save" from the same dialog they can open the zip archive
> without problem.

Sounds like you have a .tar.gz being served with an incorrect content 
type such that IE stupidly saves it as a .tar which then gets passed to 
WinZip, which doesn't look at the content of the file and so tries to 
open the .tar.gz as if it was a .tar and so barfs...



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