[Zope] Re: zip files corrupted with IE when opened, fine when downloaded

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Wed Mar 19 08:43:29 EDT 2008

Maurits van Rees schrieb:
> robert rottermann, on 2008-03-17:
>> Hi there,
>> we have a problem with an intranet that runs using plone 2.5.3
>> when users using IE want to open a zip file from the intranet by using
>> the "open" option from the download dialog they get winzip complaining
>> that the file is corrupted.
>> if they select "save" from the same dialog they can open the zip archive
>> without problem.
>> does anyone know a solution for this or give me an idea where to look
>> for one?
> The INSTALL.txt of CMFPlone says this about WinZip:
> * Unpacking the Plone archive with WinZip will not work: WinZip will truncate
>   filenames without warning you. 7-Zip is a good open source alternative for
>   Windows that you can use instead: http://www.7-zip.org
> That does not look like the same error you are getting, so the other
> answers are probably better, but still using 7-zip might solve this.
> My 2 cents.
thanks maurits
it would be enough to use Firefox ..
but it's an intranet users spread all over europe and company policy is
IE only ..

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