[Zope] content headers wrong after upload

Michael Shulman shulman at mathcamp.org
Wed Mar 19 17:55:38 EDT 2008

I wrote:
> I just noticed that when I submit a form to a zope script(python) that
> includes a file upload, the content-type and content-length headers of
> the response are incorrectly set to those of the uploaded file, rather
> than those of what the script actually returns.  Any ideas why this
> could be happening?  I'm running zope 2.9.6 on Debian etch.

Okay, I managed to reproduce it; apparently it depended on saving
the uploaded file with ExtFile.  I also noticed that my version of
ExtFile was out of date, and upgrading to ExtFile v1.5 appears to
have fixed the problem.  Still not sure what was causing it though.
Sorry to bother y'all.


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