[Zope] ZopeTestCase and Selenium RC? Anybody?

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Thu Mar 20 10:24:57 EDT 2008

Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 20. März 2008 12:50:48 +0000 Peter Bengtsson <peter at fry-it.com> wrote:
>> Has anybody managed to marry ZopeTestCase (and the ZopeLite running
>> database) with Selenium RC?
>> I like Selenium but it's a pain to have to manually create a fixture
>> and tear it down again.
>> Would it be possible to kick start Selenium RC from within the
>> testrunner on zope2?
> I have no idea how Selenium and ZTC would be related - neither in 
> general nor in this particular case.

I don't know how/if the zope testrunner starts a server that can be 
reached with a browser or not. If it does start a server that can be 
used in Firefox I'd be able to run som Selenium scripts (Remote 
Controlled or manually) and when I'm happy with the browser stuff I'd 
stop the testrunner which would reset the database/zodb again.

Basically, having to manually create a fixture for running Selenium 
scripts is a bore. There's got to be an easier way.

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