[Zope] Question about dot in method name

bard stéphane stephane.bard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 16:36:49 EDT 2008

hi every body i'm changing a very old zclass product.
In this zclass i declare a python script with this name "mydoc.xls"
this script return an xls file with an argument

now i'm writing a zope2 product. How can I explain to zope
that he should publish a certain method with a different name
so when people type 
http://myIntranet/folder/mydoc.xls?fileName=hello.xls it point
to a real python method (dot caracter are forbiden in python class method)

mydoc.xls => mydoc_xls(REQUEST=None)

I know that Zclasses are bad :) , but I cannot change this URL, because
lot's of people record it.

thank's a lot for an advice.

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