[Zope] zope on google file system

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Mar 26 14:08:50 EDT 2008

Tim Nash wrote:
> I don't have the skills but I think it would be cool if some
> student ported Zope to utilize features of the google file system or
> libferris. Libferris is a virtual file system that mounts just about
> everything including postgres, xml and OpenOffice docs. 

Where are you thinking of plugging Zope into this storage layer?

> If zope ran
> on the gfs (primarily adding business logic, security and publishing)
> it would give a boost to the value of any zope based company. 

I don't know what "running on gfs" would mean, but surely this is only 
available to Google employees and internal projects?

> Also, I
> think it would be fun to run map/reduce on my stored objects! 

Dunno what this means either...


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