[Zope] problem migrating ZClasses from Zope 2.6.1 to Zope 2.9.8

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Mar 26 16:23:34 EDT 2008

Yuri wrote at 2008-3-26 11:19 +0100:
> I've got a trouble importing a ZClass app to 2.9.8 from 2.6.1.
> First, I've tried 2.8, and it worked but had the __new__ problem, so 
>I've seen it is fixed in 2.9.8.
> After the upgrade, all seemed to work. My ZClass is a container (with 
>ExtFile). I've been able to create a new instance, then had trouble 
>after uploading an ExtFile. The file is there, in the repository, but 
>when I clicked over it, I get a fast scrolling in the log. After the 
>restart, the ZClass instances and the Product in the control panel, 
>gived me a maximun recursion depth, here the last part:
>  File "/usr/lib/zope2.9.8/lib/python/ZODB/serialize.py", line 597, in 
>    return unpickler.load()
> ....
>  File "logging/__init__.py", line 1078, in _log
>  File "logging/__init__.py", line 1064, in makeRecord
>  File "logging/__init__.py", line 226, in __init__
>    # Must happen after ZopeStarter.setupInitialLogging()
>RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp

This is very strange: the traceback you show does not seem very deep.
It should not raise a "maximum recursion depth exceeded".

As always: when you see something which should not be there, debugging
may be necessary for understanding...


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