[Zope] Reconnection session_data to own Session.fs storage

Allen Schmidt Sr. aschmidt at fredericksburg.com
Tue Aug 4 13:45:27 EDT 2009

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Allen Schmidt Sr. wrote at 2009-3-5 10:34 -0500:
>> Somehow, and not sure how, our session_data objects got deleted. No one 
>> admits doing it so no idea what happened.
>> I recreated the objects with the same IDs and even setup the ZODB mount 
>> point to point to the right parts. But our SESSION calls won't write the 
>> the separate Session.fs storage and it writes every SESION usage to our 
>> main Data.fs as an anon transaction.
>> We are on 2.8.10 running ZEO on one server and 5 zope clients on two 
>> other servers. The Session.fs file sits along with the Data.fs file but 
>> never gets used.
>> Any idea how to reconnect the parts again?
> The so called "session_data_manager" tells Zope where the
> "session_data" is located.
> Apparently, your "session_data_manager" does not look at
> the place of your mount point or your mount point does not work/is not
> active.
> First verify the "session_data_manager" configuration (this easy -- look
> in the ZMI).
> If this is correct, verify the mount point.
> That is not so easy. The best way is to start an interactive
> Python interpreter ("bin/zopectl debug" on *nix).
> Then use
>      folder = app.unrestrictedTraverse('path_to_folder_containing_the_mount')
>      folder._p_activate() # load the folder
>      folder.__dict__['Id_of_your_mount_point']
> You should see an "ZODBMountPoint" (or something along this lines).
> If you really see a mount point, verify its configuration
> (that's easy again -- thus, you can do that before the more
> difficult step): is the mount point really in the storage you want?
I completely missed this response.
Still having this issue so going back over this again.
Can you identify which things and where for the items above?
  path_to_folder_containing_the_mount and ID_of_your_mount_point

This is in the zope.conf:

 <zodb_db session>
   mount-point /session_folder
     server blahblah.com:9999
     storage session
     name session
     client session
     var $INSTANCE/var

This is in the zeo.conf:

<filestorage session>
  path $INSTANCE/var/Session.fs

In the ZMI, there are:

/session_folder/      ( a regular folder )
    session_data      ( Transient Object Container )

/session_data_manager ( Session Data Manager )

All the parts seem right but its not working....session writes wind up 
as anonymous transactions in the main ZODB.

Any ideas?

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