[Zope] Getting Zope code to output to event.log

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Wed Aug 5 15:48:56 EDT 2009

+-------[ Ken Winter ]----------------------
| To debug my code in my Zope/Plone site, I sometimes need to put logger lines
| into Zope/Plone code, in order to trace my way through an error traceback. 
| I can do this easily with Plone code in the Plone Products folder: Just put in
| the logger line, restart Zope, run my tests, and the output appears in the Zope
| event.log.  But when I try the same thing with native Zope code (for example,
| in the OFS directory), the output doesn?t show up in event.log.
| I figure these modules have to be reinstalled or re-somethinged to get my
| changes activated, but I don?t know how to do this.  Can you help?

[this assumes the code is actually being called]

You are probably logging at a level below the level that will be output
into the log.

LOG.info() is about the lowest level that will go out by default.

Without seeing any examples from you it's hard to tell.

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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