[Zope] Reconnection session_data to own Session.fs storage

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Aug 6 01:29:24 EDT 2009

> I verified using your process that it is indeed just a folder. So I deleted
> the session_folder in the root and then tried to add a ZODB mount point in the
> root and it showed the session_folder was ready to be created. I made sure
> that option was checked and clicked Ok. It reloaded the root folder and the
> new session_folder was there, but it still seems like it is just a regular
> folder and does not identify itself as a mount point. I also added the
> session_data object into that folder as a Transient Object Container as it was
> before.
> Does the session_data_manager that points to that session_data folder also
> have to be removed in this process? Could be holding it up somehow?

No. The "session_data" manager contains only the path to the session
data. It has nothing to do where the sessions are maintained.

You are sure that you have verified via "app.__dict__['temp_folder']"
that "temp_folder" is a MountPoint (and have seen it as a normal "Folder")?
If you access "temp_folder" normally, it will always look like a normal
folder (if mounting was successful).

If you have verified correctly, then some magic must have changed your
mount point back again to a normal "Folder". I do not know such
magic -- therefore, I doubt that your verification was correct.
But, you may put your session storage at a different place
(say "session_storage") and reconfigure the "session_data_manager" to
point to this new place. This way, no magic should be able to
modify your mount point.


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