[Zope] Getting Zope code to output to event.log

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Mon Aug 10 13:56:15 EDT 2009


Yes, I was editing the unpacked source, which is in a directory named:


At your suggestion, I found this in zopectl:

@set ZOPE_HOME=/home/dhat/webapps/instance3/Zope-2.9.8-final.install
@set INSTANCE_HOME=/home/dhat/webapps/instance3/Zope-2.9.8-final.instance

And as soon as I started putting logger lines into the ZOPE_HOME code, they
came out fine!

~ Thanks so much!
~ Ken

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> Perhaps you are editing the unpacked source, instead of the installed
> Zope code.
> Check your zopectl or runzope script and see what ZOPE_HOME is set to.
> The that *should* be the root of your installed zope.
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> Andrew Milton
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