[Zope] DateTime Issues

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Wed Dec 23 12:30:34 EST 2009

+-------[ Justin Dunsworth ]----------------------
| I am having difficulties with time zones and rendering proper times/dates. My
| time zone is GMT-6 (CST)... mysql reports the proper time/date, running
| <dtml-var expr="e.strftime('%c')"> shows Zope has the right date, running a
| query straight from the SQLMethod shows the proper time in relation to the
| field in mysql. However, when I try and run the variable in the dtml document
| it gives the time in GMT+0.
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| For example... in mysql I have "2009-12-23 10:41:06" as the date of
| the record. Running the SQL Method returns it as '2009/12/23 10:41:06 GMT+0'
| -- So far so good but when I run <dtml-var comment_date fmt="%m-%d-%y %H:%M">
| in my document it gives: 12-23-09 04:41.
| Â 
| I can get fmt=ISO (and other similar time functions) working and showing the
| proper date/time but I'd rather have a little more control over how the time is
| displayed. Is there any suggestions on what to do? I've looked many places and
| couldn't find the answer.
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| I am running Zope 2.11.4-final, python 2.4.4, win32
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using fmt / strftime on Zope DateTime strips the timezone info and
converts to localzone before rendering, which is why your times are out
by 6 hours... your distance from GMT.

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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