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Jim Pharis binbrain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 05:47:58 EST 2009

What's my use case for developing Zope3ish/ZTKish in Zope2 instead of just
using Zope3? All the preceived benefits of Zope3 now available in Zope2 well
still being able to use all our Zope 2 Products. I thought basing Zope2.12
on ZTK bridged the 2 worlds.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 2:10 AM, Andreas Jung <lists at zopyx.com> wrote:

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> Jim Pharis wrote:
> > Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the implications of basing Zope2.12
> > on ZTK eggs. I was under the impression it would allow sites to be
> > developed in a similar way  to how its done in Zope3, ie placing
> > your site in instance/lib/python/<site> and wiring it all together
> > using the site.zcml now present in the Zope2.12 instance/etc dir.
> > It seems like it should be possible, but maybe not.
> >
> Please describe you usecase for using Zope 2 for building a Zope3/ZTK-ish
> application and not using the related Zope 3/ZTK components?
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